About Us

iKonique Global Is one of the project of iKonique Group, which started operations In 2018, Located In Hyderabad, India.

iKonique Global is coming with different projects for their growth and expansion. The iKonique Business Opportunity allows you different tools, motivation and leadership that you need to reach your goals in your business as well as your team.

The Marketing plan and the Management is committed to give sustainability and longevity.

Vision & Mission

iKonique Global is to help people live in a way that they never dreamed possible and leave a mark in the world Direct Selling market.


We are coming with an innovative path and we believe it’s the right thing to do.

Mobile App

Our mobile application help you to bring your business where ever you want. Your business in your hand.

Customer Support

Outstanding support team for your queries and issues and coming with on the spot issue solvance.

Our Products


Our Projects

Our Location

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